Big cats – Photo design gifts

Enjoy this lovely photodesign gifts for animal lovers.  Unique products, only to be found at zazzle. All original photo and design.



Wild Cats - Coat Rack
Wild Cats – Coat Rack by mmersdesign
Shop for Tiger Coatrack online at

New Wildlife Design posters

Enjoy this new wildlife posters, featuring Flamingo birds, Lions and Lemur.

Wildlife design – Necklaces and Ipad cases

New products.

Lovely Siberian tiger, lion and lynx on new necklaces. Fritillary Butterfly and Peacock feathers on Ipad cases.

Iphone and Ipad cases for animal lovers

Peacock beauty, Siberian tiger and cat/calendar photos on this unique Iphone and Ipad cases.  All original photos and design.

Kids Keds shoes

These Keds shoes take your kids from the classroom to the playground in comfort and style.

Siberian tiger and Peacock Butterfly design.

Wildlife Designs

From photos taken this summer I have made some new products.

Animal designed Slip on Shoes

Just made some animal designed shoes – Siberian tiger, tabby cat and German Shepherd photo design on Woman’s Slip on.