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Cat and Horse Letterheads – matching stamps



Letterheads and matching stamps with lovely photos of a white horse and a silver spotted British Shorthair Cat.

Feel free to personlize with your own text.


Cat Calendar 2010


My first 2010 animal calendar is out.  Cat calendar  with fields for monthly notes.

New cat cards

Old Love Greeting cardOld love Cat postage

“Old love lies deep”, couldn’t be more true for this lovely grand old couple.

My Jewel and his dear lady, taken on his 15’th birthday.


Birthday cat card

Happy Birthday Cat card.

A sweet  Brown tabby British Shorthair kitten from my breeding.


Tabby Cat - quote card

Ximir, a Brown tabby British shorthair male who has a beautiful expression,excellent tabby markings and a very sweet temper.

Cat quote inside the card:

“What greater gift than the love of a cat?” – Charles Dickens